Are you looking to add a WordPress slider plugin for your Product, service, or Website?

There are many WordPress Slider & Carousel plugins in the marketplace. All WordPress Slider plugins are not equally compatible with your Website.

There are some plugins in the marketplace. They are fully responsive, fast, well-coded, great designs, easy to use, and customized.

By the end of this article, you’ll decide which WordPress Slider & Carousel plugins are right for your Website.

How to Find the Right WordPress Slider plugin for your specific product or service?

Sliders can share many images, videos, text, and audio in a small beat snippet. Sometimes sliders slow your Website and also affect your user experience.

Before selecting a WordPress slider plugin, always keep 5 key things in your mind.

  1. Fast Loading speed: Many plugins increase your site loading time. It also impacts your website ranking (SEO) and user experience. So, select a slider plugin that loads speed fast.
  2. Responsiveness: Most of the users are using mobile. If your slider plugin is not fully responsive to all devices, your site traffic decreases. Mobile, tab, and desktop responsiveness are some important factors for your Website.
  3. Design & layout: Every slider plugin’s design is not the same. Many plugins are focused on video creation and design, making it user-friendly, and some are complicated with all types of design & layout. There are many types of WordPress slider plugins in the marketplace. Below is some example: Carousel plugin, Image slider plugins, Video sliders plugins, Product slider plugins, Service slider plugins, And post stories slides, etc.         Each one has its unique criteria to use for your Website.
  4. Ease of use: If you don’t know how to code, some slider plugins are not easy to customize for your Website. Some are drag-and-drop, while others are ready-made designs and features. You can customize your Website content by copying and pasting it to fit your needs.
  5. Pricing: Some slider plugins are premium, and some are freemium. You’ll download the freemium slider plugin if your budget is slightly lower. You’ll pick a low-budget slider plugin if your budget is slightly higher.

So, consider these features before choosing a good, friendly, fast WordPress slider or carousel plugin.

Best WordPress slider plugins:

Now you know how to select WordPress slider plugins. So, what do you need to consider for choosing the right WordPress Slider & carousel plugin for your Website? Here’s a list of some of the top WordPress slider plugins, along with my experience testing them.

1. WP Carousel plugin:

WP carousel plugin

WP carousel plugin is another most powerful drag-and-drop carousel. It is also called the slider and galleries plugin for WordPress users. You can create stylish user-optimized images. Video, posts, woo-commerce products, etc.

More than 861303+ downloads, about 60000+ trusted users and 234+ 5-star reviews.

WP carousel plugin features: This plugin has many fantastic features. A developer, a beginner who doesn’t know how to code, and every person who uses it.

  • Create custom post types and posts created by category, author, tags, and comments.
  • Limit the word of your content and hide posts as you wish, like titles, images,s, etc.
  • Unlimited carousel creation. Example: image carousel post carousel, content carousel, mix-content carousel, video carousel, and an external carousel.
  • Add custom terms or taxonomies.
  • Add unlimited woo-commerce products and a grid to display your store with the help of a small integration.
  • 30+ lightbox and a video gallery that supports Youtube, Daily motion, Vimeo, vista, audio (SoundCloud), custom title, and description.
  • About 300+ visual customize options where you easily customize typography, color, and many more. An advanced short code option where you only copy and paste.
  • Amazing image setting option. More than 10+ image watermark options and custom image sizing, enable or disable image, change image grayscale mode, add custom image border, etc.
  • Add many pagination options for your galleries.
  • Developer friendly with many hooks and filters for customization.
  • Support popular themes: Divi, Ocean WP, Avada, X-theme, Betheme, Astra, Elementor, Beaver, Site origin, Wpbakery, WPML, and many more.

Pricing: Free version and pro download $39 yearly for a single site. It has a 14-day money-back guarantee after using it for 1 year. It also gives you a 20% discount renewal option.

Pro tips: WP carousel is a fantastic, fully responsive, powerful WordPress slider plugin. It is a very fast-loading and super excellent support system.

2. All-in-one video gallery Plugin:

all in one video gallery plugin

More than 10000+ blogs and Website trust all in one video gallery plugin. This plugin helps to create searchable and SEO-optimized videos in less than 60 seconds. 

Over 300000+ downloads and 20000+ active installations and 4.9 ratings out of 5.00.

All one Video gallery plugin features: There is a 360-degree feature available in this plugin. Below are included some features:

  • Various types of video support, for example-MP4, HLS(m3u8), MPEG-DASH (mpb), OGV, WebM, etc.
  • Add any third-party videos to your Website with Iframe embedded code. Examples- are Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.
  • Social sharing and comment system categories and wise group video as well.
  • Thumbnail image gallery and an option to search videos.
  • Go live streaming with HLS(m3u8) and MPEG-DASH(mpb).
  • Bulk video import automatically by youtube URL.
  • Generate Auto thumbnail and custom logo or brand creation.
  • Automatic video SEO optimization.
  • Monetize your video with google AdSense and video show on Google ads Manager.

Pricing:  There is a free version on, a monthly pro version of $4.99, an Annual version of $ 47.88, and a lifetime of $149 for a single site.

Pro tips: All-in-one video gallery plugin is suitable for all types of WordPress websites. You can share huge long types on this plugin.

3. Hero slider Plugin:

Hero slider plugin

Hero slider plugin is a classic header plugin. Also, an animation background effect plugin for all WordPress website users. This plugin is used to create a memorable coming soon page, splash page, any landing page, or create a nice home page.

You can create awesome hero banners, hero text, hero animation, hero carousels, and hero header images.

About 4000+ active installations with good ratings.

Hero slider plugins feature: Hero plugin is a carousel and standard slider plugin. Below are included the plugins’ features:

  • More than 80+ ready-made animation background effect options.
  • Create a cinematic futurist and responsive intro.
  • Hero slider supports background video and audio or music. You can use YouTube videos or your video and a Vimeo video with a different color overlay.
  • About 800+ google fonts are used in descriptions and titles.
  • Add a unique call to action button on each slider.
  • Image slider and video slider. Also, add a transition effect. Customized image and video right, top, left, and fade.
  • 20+ text effects and animation.CSS and letter X or both combined animation.
  • Beautify your slider uniquely, like a top, rounded, and bottom.
  • Export and import and navigation arrows control.
  • Gutenberg block and shortcode support.
  • Also, kern burn and parallax effects are available in the background image.

Pricing: In, you can download a single site for free and for $29 each year.

Pro tips: Hero slider is a drag-and-drop-responsive plugin for WordPress sites. It is easy and quick to use without any extra layer or timeline. A 24/7 support system is available. So, with these many features, this is amazing for your Website.

4.Smart slider3:

smart slider 3 plugin

Smart slider 3 is the most powerful, fully responsive, and SEO-optimized plugin. It works with any theme directory in the world. You can use this slider plugin without coding knowledge.

Smart slider3 has 800k active installations and more than 5000 daily downloads. With a 4.9 rating out of 5.00 and good customer reviews of that plugin.

There are free and paid versions available on this slider plugin. With this free version, you can quickly make dynamic post sliders on your Website. It also allows the creation of many features as you need and creates unlimited websites.

Smart slider 3 feature: Smart slider has 180+ customizable, ready-made, drag-and-drop individual templates for creating a project. It also easily suits your Website. In this template, you’ll get unlimited styles and options. It also allows you to kickstart your next project with the possibility of user flexibility and variability.

  • Smart slider 3 has many resources for content import and export. More than 40+ resources are available. Below is a list including:
  • WordPress dynamic posts, pages
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Nextgen gallery
  • Picasa
  • Pinterest etc.

The free version of this slider plugin works only with WordPress posts, pages, and dynamic content import. All others are pro versions.

  • Layer animation and add background animation. Also, hide animation on different specific devices as you want.
  • Custom responsive breakpoint and SEO optimization.
  • Slide thumbnail images, arrows, bullet points, an auto-play configuration, and shadows are under full control of your Website.
  • Premium customization option.
  • Also, a premium support system is included.

Pricing: Smart slider 3 free version is available at You can download it. If you want all features, you’ll shift to the pro version. Their plans start at $35, only using a single website. 

Pro tips: Smart slider 3 is a super high-performance and advanced Seo-optimized plugin. All touchscreen devices are also allowed. On top of that, it has a dynamic design style and many more templates. It’s a 100% premium support system.

5.Soliloquy Slider plugin:

Soliqoquy slider plugin

With the Soliloquy slider plugin, you can make a responsive slider with a few clicks. Soliloquy is the fastest plugin for making a better slider.

 More than 900000+ downloads and 60000+ active installations. It has 876+ good reviews and, on average, ratings of 4.7 out of 5.00. 

Soliloquy slider plugin feature: Soliloquy has numerous amazing features that are included below:

  • Create drag-and-drop beautiful builders in under 60 seconds.
  • Easy Customized ready-made templates.
  • Change data WordPress sliders from different variant sources.
  • 100% SEO friendly and HTML markup with google display friendly.
  • Twisting and adding thumbnail images with Navigation.
  • Export and import anything from social media.
  • Also, schedule posts as you want.
  • Protect your website image and videos other people download.
  • Add custom CSS and Style as you want.
  • Create a lightbox slider with your website image, video, or PDF files.

Pricing: There are free and premium versions available in the marketplace. If you want a free version, then you’ll download If you want a premium version, download pricing plans start at $17 per year for one single site.

Pro tips: Soliloquy slider is easy to use and consists of a customizable plugin. It also allows you to transition your images and videos to be vertical or horizontal as you want. It has a 100% support system.

6.Master slider plugin:

master slider

Master slider plugin is the most smooth and SEO-optimized slider plugin. It has 8 starter samples, creating an amazing slideshow and a smooth touchscreen that supports all devices.

Master slide plugin download over 2385900+. Its sales code canyon is over 30082+, and its average rating is 4.55 out of 5.00. downloads over 100000+ and has an average of 401+ good ratings.

Master slider plugins feature: With 89+ ready-made sliders, an easy to use master slider plugin is an awesome layer. It can add any HTML content. Let’s look at some of the master slider plugin’s awesome features.

  • Full responsiveness and SEO friendly, and all devices optimized.
  • HTML5 markup and smooth swipe navigation.
  • Visual editor with 650+ google fonts, import CSS, and save custom presets.
  • Browser support: IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IOS, and Android.
  • An option to link slides, layers, and hotspots.
  • Auto sizing, Add thumbnails (vertical, horizontal, etc.)
  • Parallax effect, layer effect.
  • Make woo-commerce product slider displays with direct Facebook and Flickr.
  • Smooth hardware accelerated transitions.

Pricing: Master Slider plugin is available in three editions. WordPress free, WordPress pro, and jQuery plugin. The pricing plans start at 34$ with six-month support.

Pro tips: Master slider plugin is a Responsive touch Slider. With an abundance of features such as thumbnails, hotspots, video support, and various effects, it is the complete slide plugin on WordPress.

7.Meta slider plugin:

meta slider plugin

Meta slider is a beautifully intuitive interface plugin to create a photo, image, and video plugin.

More than 800000+ active installations and 612+ good ratings on

Meta Slider feature: Meta slider is a responsive SEO-optimized engaging slider plugin. Here is a list of meta slider plugin features:

  • Highly responsive and easily acceptable to all devices with an SEO-optimized slider plugin.
  • Carousels and sliders open a lightbox. Moreover, it has support for fancy boxes, foo box image lightbox.
  • Meta slider has import and export slides. Export the slider from your Website to another website by copying and pasting. Gutenberg block makes Gutenberg WordPress block editor.
  • About 10+ free professional ready-made slider themes are available. Create effective slides, slideshow, and carousel design.
  • Developer friendly and multi-site compatible and add different filters on WordPress site.
  • Advance theme editor.
  • Different types of integration as required
  • A good support system

Pricing: Free and premium versions are available. Free download from and premium Meta slider plugin plans start at $39.50 on one site per year.

Pro tips: Meta slider plugin is a touchscreen, responsive, SEO-optimized, image cropping plugin. They have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

8.WP Logo Showcase Responsive slider:

WP logo showcase slider plugin

WP Logo showcase slider is fully responsive for all devices. You can upload unlimited photos in a single slider unlimited photos.

More than 600000+ downloads and 60000+ active installations.

WP Logo Showcase Responsive slider feature: This plugin is for photographers’ websites.

  • 100% responsive and full-touch slider.
  • 16 design templates for logo grid, carousel, and layout.
  • Include and exclude logo posts and showcase them by categories.
  • Drag and drop post order change and custom CSS editor.
  • Visual composer
  • Showcase: display logo, order ASC or DESC
  • Shortcode: 03 (Three)
  • Many languages are supported.
  • Integration with many page builders: Elementor, WPbakery, Siteorigin, Beaver, Gutenberg, Divi, and Avada theme support.
  • 100% support system for premium users.

Pricing: Free version download from Premium plans start at $99/year single Website.

Pro tips: WP Logo Showcase Responsive slider is the most reliable, customizable, and responsive slider plugin.

9. Ultimate Responsive image slider:

ultimate responsive slider plugin

Ultimate Responsive image slider is a photo slider plugin. You can upload unlimited photos on your blog website.

More than 50000+ active installations on and regular updates.

Ultimate responsive image slider plugin: Below is included this plugin’s features:

  • Easy to set up and great response in showing all devices’ support.
  • The ready-made translation is available almost all over the world.
  • Easy to clone old sliders.
  • Auto image sizing, image background color changing option.
  • Changing image title option.
  • Also added custom CSS and ready-made design for your sliders.
  • Slide editing option and also add the animation effect of your slide.

Pricing: Download from at $25/single-year Website. 

Pro tips: Ultimate Responsive image slider is a good plugin for photographers and WordPress bloggers. Otherwise, who will launch a small business with photos and image-related business?

10. Robo Gallery Plugin:

Robo gallery slider

One of the simple, easy, functional, customizable responsive plugins for WordPress users, with 150+ different interfaces available in this plugin.

More than 1400000+ downloads and 271+ 5star reviews. It has 1000+ different ready-made designs for creating beautiful image galleries.

Robo Gallery Plugin features: About 50+ ready-made images and video gallery demos are available in the Robo Gallery plugin. Below is included this plugin’s features:

  • Support popular website page builders like Gutenberg, Beaver, Divi theme, and Elementor.
  • Create different galleries like masonry, mosaic, polaroid, and normal gallery grid.
  • Create different types of video galleries with different sources of video links. (Example YouTube video playlist).
  • Lightbox supports social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google plus.
  • Create an advanced layout feature category.
  • Many browser support like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.
  • Essential different Light Boxes are included: Font color, font transparency, background color, swipe, and Social sharing button lightbox.
  • Auto post generator from the gallery and functional thumbnail.
  • Advanced support system.

Pricing: Free download and pro available $30 one-time payment for a single website.

Pro tips: Robo gallery plugin is a functional, responsive, customized plugin for Photo Galleries, Images, and slider plugins.

11. Video slider Plugin:

Video slider plugin

Video slider is an awesome slider for youtube videos showing your Website. It is responsive to all devices.

About 7000+ active installations and has good ratings and regular updates.

Video slider plugin features: Create many thumbnails and various post feeds and create an SEO-optimized slideshow with the slider plugin. Below are some features included in this video slider plugin:

  • A slider background color is created for your post title and description.
  • Support many browsers: Firefox, Opera, iPhone, Android, Safari, Chrome, Internet explorer, Microsoft edge, etc.
  • Swipe navigation.
  • 250+ ready-made google fonts available.
  • Exclusive drag-and-drop workflow.
  • Image gallery for creating your sliders.
  • Different types of video layers.
  • 29+ transition effects are available.
  • It also has a timeline slider and content popup.

Pricing: Free download and pro available $15 for personal use among 03 websites.

Pro tips: Video slider plugin is beautiful for making amazing video sliders. This plugin’s feature gives you a unique look at your competitor.


Every plugin doesn’t satisfy your needed requirements. If you read our few plugins’ reviews, you’ll understand that all slider plugins do not have the same features and performance. 

These listed plugins are the best WordPress slider plugins in the marketplace. We recommend that when you select a slider plugin for your Website, make sure that the plugin’s functionality has rapid responsiveness and superb performance. Moreover, ensure your plugins meet your Website’s needs and goals.

Once you select the slider plugin, don’t just buy it, as you can download their free trial option. Then for the slider plugin’s performance and device responsiveness, you can go premium.