Were you looking for the most effective WordPress popup window plugins to turn site users into subscribers and meet customers’ needs?

As webmasters, bloggers, SEOs or whatever your profession, we must draw the reader’s attention to specific actions that interest us. For that, nothing better than a WordPress plugin that creates a popup window or Popup.

Popup plugins are a prevalent and efficient method to get more customers to sign up for your website and purchase items from you.

First, let’s start with the paid versions, which are the most complete and powerful. Still, I present a list of free plugins for WordPress 2023 with which you can create popup windows that attract the attention of users and readers of your site. Without spending money, I recommend you stay until the end.

Let’s go to the heavy artillery, A list of our best premium popup plugins for WordPress.

What is a Pop Up, and why use it?

A Pop Up is a popup window that suddenly appears in the browser window when we access a website. It gives us an interaction that is usually subscription related. They are activated by moving the mouse, clicking or viewing a specific URL. 

If their design is wrong, they can be annoying and even be considered intrusive; well designed and supported by a good strategy. They can become a great tool to convert sporadic visits into subscriptions. And one of the most effective!

These interactions are a more personal, initiate and up-close way to connect with our visitors. It will allow us to offer extra content, discounts, exclusive access, etc.

An attractive showcase, both aesthetically and in terms of content, will lead our users by the hand to the specific location to which we want to direct them.

What is a WordPress Popup Plugin, and how does it work?

A WordPress Popup Plugin is a tool that allows website owners to create popups that appear on their websites. Popups are online advertising that appears in a new window, overlay, or tab while the user is looking at a website.

WordPress Popup Plugins make popups and show them using code and a user interface. Most of the time, these plugins come with pre-made templates and tools for changing the look and feel of the Popup, as well as options for setting triggers and focusing on specific users or pages on the website.

After installing and activating a WordPress Popup Plugin, users can make new popups by choosing a template or starting from scratch. Then, they can change the Popup’s text, images, and other parts to match their brand and message.

WordPress Popup Plugins also have a variety of settings and options for controlling when the Popup appears. For example, users can set triggers for the Popup to appear when they click a specific button or link, reach a certain point on the page, or try to leave the website.

Overall, WordPress Popup Plugins are an excellent way to get the attention of website visitors and promote content or products. Using these plugins allows website owners to make attractive popups, get people to interact with them, and increase sales.

Now, let’s dive into the 11 best WordPress popup plugins so you can take control of your design and better understand the impact they can have.

What is the best WordPress popup plugin in 2023?

If the free options don’t suit your needs, here are the best plugins to create popup windows in WordPress today.

Let’s go!

  1. Thrive Leads

    Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a plugin that helps you to grow your email list by creating different signup forms, including popups and popups in WordPress.

It belongs to the well-known company Thrive Themes, which specializes in creating WordPress themes and plugins focused on conversion.

Like the rest of the options, Thrive Leads lets you create signup forms without leaving your WordPress admin panel.

In summary, these are its main advantages:

Advantages of Thrive Leads

Fixed payment per license/s: When the time comes, you can amortize the plugin without paying it recurrently.

Advanced Builder: This is possibly the most advanced WordPress popup builder I know and allows you to choose which elements to hide depending on each device

Improved analytics: From the admin panel, you will be able to find out everything about your email list and their conversion rates

All Key Features: Thrive Leads is a powerful popup plugin that includes everything you need. You won’t miss anything.

Disadvantages of Thrive Leads

Speed: Thrive Leads is a heavy plugin. Your web page performance and speed can be highly affected.

Usability and learning curve: Getting started with Thrive Leads can be tricky, even for experienced WordPress users.

You can see it or buy it on the official website if you want more information.


             2 OptinMonster popup plugin


OptinMonster is a premium (paid) product with which you can create and manage popup windows in WordPress or any other platform per your needs.

OptinMonster is the top product for creating popups and popup windows.

Although it is available as a plugin, it is not exclusive to WordPress.

It is standalone software, which means you can use it to create popups on any website, regardless of platform.

OptinMonster Advantages

Speed: OptinMonster does not affect your website speed. It’s hosted on Amazon’s infrastructure, making your signup forms fast.

Advanced option targeting: You can target your visitors based on time spent on the page, interactions with your website, specific interests, physical location and more

Detect the attempt to leave your website: you can convert visitors who try to leave your website into potential customers by running a specific campaign, with an aggressive discount, for example.

Easy to use: OptinMonster has a powerful drag-and-drop form builder. It has pre-designed templates and allows you to create your own from scratch.

Quality of support: OptinMonster’s support team is highly qualified, and their response times are incredible.

OptinMonster Disadvantages

OptinMonster has no free option. And although it has a brief trial version, rates start at $9 monthly after that.

  1. Bloom by Stylish Themes


The Bloom Plugin for popup windows on the WordPress platform is the best we have seen. It is paid; to use it, you must subscribe; spending $89, you will also have access to more than 80 Premium Themes of the best designed for WordPress.

It has Six form designs and full integration with third-party services like MailChimp, Aweber, etc.

It can be configured to trigger the Popup after some time, when there is inactivity, after the user leaves a comment or makes a purchase, etc.

Complete control over where and when the Popup should appear. Statistics of each form, design optimization for high conversion, etc.

Bloom is a popular popup plugin allowing you to create WordPress popups.

It also allows you to create any popup layout without leaving your WordPress admin panel.

It belongs to Elegant Themes, the company behind the Divi theme. I’m sure you’ve heard of it occasionally if you’re in this WordPress world.

It can be good news if you intend to take advantage of its tools or not, so good news if you need a plugin to create popups or popups in WordPress.


Advantages of Bloom

With 15 high-quality pre-designed templates. And six different popup window types (Optin Popup, fly-ins, etc.).It has a control panel to customize down to the last detail and analytics. Has A/B tests that are easy to implement and interpret.

‘Content Blocked’ Functionality: Restrict certain content to subscribers only

Customizer: Changes are not applied live. You have to preview

Site Speed: Can be significantly affected by this plugin

Lack of features that its competitors have, such as a popup that activates when the user tries to leave the site.

The disadvantage of the Bloom plugin:

Price: There is no possibility of buying this plugin separately. You must purchase an Elegant Themes subscription.

Segmentation: This does not allow segmentation creation to avoid duplicating subscribers in a master list.

You can see Bloom in action and learn about all its features and possibilities on the official page.


  1. Ninja Popup WordPress Plugin

Ninja Popup WordPress Plugin

This plugin to create popup windows in WordPress surpasses 31,000 sales and, at the time of writing, has an average score of 4.37 out of 1588 votes.

The Ninja Popups WordPress plugin is the most popular on CodeCanyon, Envato’s plugin-selling platform (similar to ThemeForest).

The main features of this plugin, in addition to its affordable price.

Advantages of WordPress Plugin Ninja Popups

  • GDPR compliant
  • Many ready-to-use layouts
  • 74 different animations appear and disappear
  • Visual drag and drop builder
  • Ten different popup positions are available.
  • Stats built into the WordPress admin panel
  • Anti-pop-up blocking technology by ad blockers.
  • ‘Content blocking’ functionality in exchange for emails or social shares
  • A/B test
  • Seamlessly integrates with up to 49 email marketing services and five social networks.
  1. Convert Pro

Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a plugin for generating leads to design engaging opt-in forms. It provides the option to develop techniques in addition to an extensive collection of pre-made ones.

Convert Pro is an excellent option with some features that have yet to be seen together in a single popup and popup plugin for WordPress.

You can use one of the dozens of pre-built templates available or start from scratch with a blank canvas and let your creativity run wild.

Of course, you don’t need to know anything about code to use it, as it includes an editor with drag & drop technology, that is, drag and drop.

I’m preparing an in-depth review and some surprises about this plugin, so I’ll talk about the main features:

Advantages of ConvertPro

  • Drag and drop editor
  • 100% mobile optimized
  • super fast charging
  • Seamless integration with most platforms
  • Multi-step popups
  • Exit Intent or Exit Intent Technology
  • Easy A/B testing
  • Triggers based on user behaviour
  • When clicking on pop-ups

Of course, you have more information on their official convertpro.net page. Still, I recommend you visit the review linked at the beginning of this paragraph for a less commercial opinion.


  1. Popup maker

Popup maker

With a free and paid version, this original WordPress plugin is the most popular option due to its versatility, flexibility and simplicity.

With it, we can intuitively control the size, position and animations. Added to this is the ability to add multiple triggers to each Popup, ranging from clicking on specific HTML or delaying a certain amount of time to appearing once a form completes.

In addition, we can set up conditions that allow us to target exactly who will see our popups (posts, pages, etc.) —and who won’t—as well as know how often users see our popups—popup windows through the use of cookies.

It also allows us to reuse forms we’ve already created across various platforms (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mail Poet, Emma, and many more).

If we choose the premium option, we can activate an extra popup. For example, it would come into play when someone is about to leave our page or when browsing through it.




What is most convincing about this plugin is the extensive library of templates (more than 100), customizable and with an exclusive design, designed to convert users into subscribers, customers and followers of social networks.

Characterized by its vast design possibilities, this tool allows us up to 12 different activation actions, 16 positions on the screen and the possibility of creating targeted offers (new, repeat or subscribed users).


  1. Susist Popup

Susist Popup

Supsystic stands out for having a wide range of default plugins. We can discuss photo galleries, maps, contact forms, membership, newsletters and popup plugins among them.

Prices vary depending on where we want to go: subscription popups, Facebook, video, various social networks, age verification, HTML, PDF or contact forms.


  1. ARI smart lightbox

This plugin is one to consider if we want to centralize our popups for devices. We will access the personal plan for 9 dollars (about seven and a half euros). If we discuss the developer plan, that price is $19 (about €16).

Designed with touch interaction, it supports touch, zoom, swipe and pinch functions. With it, showing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion and Metacafe in our Popup will become a reality. It also adds images from FooGallery, Jetpack, NextGEN, and WordPress. Its main feature is its “Lightbox”, with a user interface that allows you to change its style. It also includes disabling the right-click to avoid copying URLs.

The premium version would give us access to the integration of Facebook comments and content from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn or VK).


  1. Pop-up generator

 Pop-up generator

Free, which offers expansion purchases if we need more features, covers creating HTML popups, Facebook, signup forms, and images. It lets you define popup activations, their layout, display rules and special effects.

Extensions like Google Maps, advanced targeting (based on country, activity status and device) and even weather forecasts are available as paid add-ons. Even if we were interested in data tracking and customer behavior analysis, we could buy a package for $49.95/year (about €42).


  1. A ninja appears

We can find it at CodeCanyon; it combines professionally designed popups and includes some of the most popular email service providers (MailChimp, GetResponse, InfusionSoft, JetPack or CovertKit more). The popups, to top it off, are fully customizable. Without extensive design knowledge, we can adapt them to our specific needs and specifications. It will also be possible to configure where and how we want the popups activated (scroll, move the cursor, close the browser or delay).

It is a fantastic plugin if we want to work on the design of our popups personally, achieving a much more professional and original result if we are looking for something more than a template pre-design.


Which WordPress popup plugin fits your needs?:

In conclusion, if you want to use WordPress Popup Plugins for their many benefits, you have many great options. We’ve picked out 11 of the best WordPress Popup Plugins, each with its features and benefits.

These WordPress Popup Plugins can help you reach your goals, whether you want to build your email list, promote your products, or provide important information to people who visit your site.

Why not try one of these highly-rated WordPress Popup Plugins? With the right plugin, you can make engaging and effective popups that grab users’ attention and drive conversions to your website.

Don’t wait! Start using a WordPress Popup Plugin immediately to see how helpful it can be.